Italian Cookies

pignoli pine nut cookies

This class is being offered virtually. 

Send your cookie jar on a vacation! Italians love cookies almost as much as they love pasta, and the variety of cookies you find across Italy is stunning. In this class, we get to the basics of making four traditional Italian cookies: cherry sesame biscotti, pignoli, amaretti, and ricchiarelli. Biscotto Italiano!

What's different when you take this class virtually:

Please note that a stand mixer with a whip attachment is required for this class.




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Cookie Bakers Rejoice! Fancy Schmancy Holiday Cookies, our third in a new series of cookbooklets we're developing here at the Bakehouse, features a collection of favorite holiday cookie recipes from our most popular BAKE! class ever! An annual tradition since 2009, the Fancy Schmancy Holiday Cookies class attracts hundreds of folks, each year, to bake cookies with us. The cookbooklet includes make-at-home recipes for 14 of our most beloved Fancy Schmancy Holiday cookies. (And of course, there’s no need to limit these cookies to the holidays—they’re just as sweet and delicious any time of year!) Shipping is included in the price of the cookbooklet.

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