• A Crazy Love: Cranberry Pecan Bread

    If there is one thing that makes my mouth water, stomach grumble and gets me thinking of the holidays… It is our Cranberry Pecan bread.

    Yes, seriously. I am a crazed, obsessed lover of cranberry pecan bread. And I know I am not alone. This bread is an absolute favorite of long-time Zingerman’s customers, as well as the ones who have had the opportunity to try this incredible loaf at one of the three points throughout the year we bake it.

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  • Patti's Pastries (now say that 10x fast)

    It’s not every day you have a pastry named after you. And it is definitely not everyday you have TWO pastries named after you. Unless you work at Zingerman’s Bakehouse.

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  • Paesano: Our Holey-est Bread

    If there is one thing I have learned here in the ZCoB (Zingerman’s Community of Businesses), it is not to judge a food by its cover (or, in this case, a bread by its crust). Raise your hand if you’re with me on this, but I am typically drawn to something that is familiar to me in some way, especially when it comes to selecting a bread.

    Maybe it’s the shape, maybe it’s the color. Maybe I just recognize the name. Sometimes it is even a distant memory of my mother buying that loaf when I was grocery shopping with her as a little girl. Regardless, I am definitely guilty of judging bread by its cover.

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  • Not Your Average Squishy Sweet Raisin Bread

    Zingerman's Bakehouse Pecan Raisin Bread

    Our Pecan Raisin bread is definitely not your average squishy sweet raisin bread. The New York Times agrees, stating that ours “redefines the category.” We begin with our naturally leavened bread dough that has a touch of sour flavor. Then each loaf is packed with a half pound of red flame raisins and toasty pecans! (pictured below) To say it is a little bit of bread holding the pecans and raisins together wouldn’t be too far off base. From the outside you can little bumps and tiny cracks from those ingredients peeking out on the crust. When you slice into a loaf, you can clearly see it’s packed with flavor. The process of making and baking a batch takes about 17 hours from start to finish! You really can taste the difference.

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  • Filippo Drago. And that's all.

    Earlier this week, we had the honor of hosting some amazing guests here at Zingerman’s Bakehouse. The guest list included our friends from Gustiamo in New York, sellers of fine Italian foods, Beatrice and Danielle. They have visited Zingerman’s before, but this time they brought with them Renato Flaborea, a famous baker from Venice, and Filippo Drago, a miller from Sicily.

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  • Relentless

    “We, Zingerman’s Bakehouse, are passionately committed to the relentless pursuit of being the best bakery we can imagine.”

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  • Hummingbird Cake- More fruit than flour!

    The Hummingbird Cake debuted at Zingerman’s in 2003, as we expanded our menu of historic American favorites for the opening of Zingerman’s Roadhouse. Since then, it quickly grew to become one of our most popular cake flavors and hasn't looked back. Despite its popularity, the story behind this sweet Southern cake and its unusual name is still mysterious to most.

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  • Flour Power

    Frank Carollo wants his guests at Zingerman's Bakehouse to taste the state of Michigan. So about seven years ago, he started working with a fellow from Michigan State University who wondered if the Bakehouse might be interested in buying some wheat grown by a local farmer. After baking a few test loaves, Frank began buying the flour. “I think we bought some-thing like 100-200 lbs in the first year.” He liked the idea of using Michigan-grown wheat flour, and it was of a high enough quality that they used it to make the Bakehouse Farm bread.

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  • An Appeal to America to Vote Pecan Blondie as Favorite Brownie

    One day while driving to visit one of our wholesale customers, this year being an election year, I started thinking about if each one of our bread, pastries & cakes were to run for office, just which one would have my vote. I didn’t need to debate long; Pecan Blondie was, without a doubt, the frontrunner. I then started thinking about what my campaign to make Zingerman’s Bakehouse Pecan Blondies America’s favorite brownie would look like…

    Why I am Endorsing the Pecan Blondie

    When I first started working at Zingerman’s Bakehouse, my top priority was to try as many baked goods as possible as quickly as I could. One particular pastry escaped my initial quest; until my co-worker, Katie Frank, happened to mention that she thought Pecan Blondies were our most underrated brownie and I absolutely had to try them. One small nibble and I was hooked! It’s been ten years since I enjoyed my first bite and I keep coming back for more.

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  • Experts Guide to French Toast

    It’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. French toast is a commonly enjoyed choice, maybe seen as a reward on the weekend. Since French toast is more or less all about the bread itself, bread is the one ingredient that can really make or break that meal. Here at the Bakehouse, we offer a daily selection of bread that is over 25 varieties. That doesn’t includ versions of breads that share a common base with tasty add-ins like chocolate, nuts or seeds or any of our “Special Bake” breads that only show up on occasion. With all of these choices, how does one select just the right loaf with French toast in mind?

    At Zingerman’s Bakehouse, we are very serious about our bread. We take special care in the selection of ingredients, the way we mix our dough, and the processes we use in handling, proofing and baking our bread. We are especially particular about the way we eat our bread. With that in mind, I consulted the experts as to which Bakehouse bread is their favorite when making French toast. Clearly by experts I mean the staff of the Bakehouse, who make, bake, sell and basically live this bread everyday.

    After polling the Bakehouse staff, there were some clear winners in terms of favorite breads to make this classic American breakfast item. With 66% of staff selecting a variety of this bread as their favorite French toast loaf, Challah comes out on top. Our plain version of Challah was the top pick, with our special bake variety called Kálac (cinnamon swirl egg bread) coming in a close second. Although now on vacation, Chocolate Challah rounds out the top three. (“on vacation” means we're not making it right now). Next on the list of top picks is our Rustic Italian bread. Breads with even more flavor that made the list included Cinnamon Raisin, Pecan Raisin, Cranberry Pecan, Farm, Country Wheat and Challah Turbans with rum raisins.

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