Virtual Demo: Estonian Rye Bread—from Loaf to Porridge to Granola and More

Join us for a virtual demothat will showcase how to make rye sourdough the Estonian way, as well as half a dozen ways to put that loaf to good use.

In this virtual demo, Laura Valli will demonstrate how to make 100% whole grain rye sourdough bread and discuss options for tweaking the flavor profile and crumb structure. She’ll then show us how to use that rye bread to create a beautiful savory sandwich cake, layered with beet cream cheese, egg salad, and a zesty pea spread. She’ll also share how to make garlicky bread snacks, crunchy rye crispbreads, sweet or savory rye porridge, bread truffles, and bread granola. Not only are you sure to fall in love with rye, but you’ll never again let leftover bread go to waste.

Dr. Stephen Jones, Director of the WSU Breadlab (Washington State University), will join in briefly to talk about their important work in cultivating regional and obscure wheats and other small grains, sustainable farming practices, healthy soils, and nutritional equity for our communities.

This demo will be recorded and sent out after class; feel free to sit back and relax and enjoy the show!

Laura Valli, a social anthropologist turned agronomist, is currently a Ph.D. student at the WSU Breadlab, researching rye under the mentorship of Dr. Stephen Jones. Her work investigates the role of rye in the agricultural system of the US, people’s attitudes toward foods containing rye, and potential future scenarios for this vastly under-appreciated grain. Influenced by her academic work, Laura uses whole grains exclusively and adds rye flour to all her bakes.

Prior to moving to the US, Laura helped to found and establish the first-ever organic café (focused on porridges made from local grains) and coffee roastery in her home country, Estonia. She has represented Estonia at the World Aeropress Championship in South Korea and Australia and participated in the World Porridge Championship in Scotland. 

More information about the WSU Breadlab can be found here. 

* Please note that this is not a virtual hands-on class but a demonstration held over Zoom—this means that you’ll be watching as the guest chef prepares dishes. Unlike our hands-on classes, this is not an interactive experience, and thus, we do not encourage attempting to bake or cook along with the program. Recipes will be sent in an email with your class confirmation.*

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