Ooh La La Croissant: French Pastry Class

Classic and chocolate french desserts class online

This class is being offered virtually. 

This is one of our most popular hands-on baking classes because we teach you a beloved French pastry and give you the recipe to make croissants the Zingerman's Bakehouse way. Our Ooh La La croissant class is a great choice for any beginning or advanced baker looking to build up their baking skills and recipe box.

Like bread and other baked goods in America, croissants can be made with shortcuts causing them to fall short of the intended texture and flavor. There are very few places in the world outside of France where you can get a truly great, flaky, buttery croissant (Though croissants actually originated from Austria, and got their name from their crescent shape). Zingerman’s Bakehouse is certainly one of those places. We pride ourselves on their rich flavor, tender honeycombed interior, and crispy exterior that shatters a little when you bite into it. There are some handy tricks we will be teaching you, but it’s mostly about taking the time to do it right and not using fake ingredients or pre-made frozen doughs. And we think it's well worth the time and effort to do. Like we say, you really can taste the difference. When you smell the sweet aroma and taste the buttery flavor of these French pastries fresh from your own oven at home, you’ll be oh so happy that you made the investment in making them from scratch. And just imagine how amazing your future weekend breakfasts and holiday brunches will be with the addition of these downright compelling croissants. People will be lining up for an invite to dine at your table.

In this hands-on baking class, you’ll learn the key techniques for working with a yeasted dough, creating a butter-laminated dough (layering the dough with butter and folding it over), filling the croissants, proofing them properly to achieve the right texture inside, and finally, baking them to a rich golden brown. In class, you'll make our butter croissant recipe, as well as fill them with both our rich almond frangipane spread (we'll give you the recipe for that, too) and bars of intense dark chocolate imported to us in Ann Arbor from renowned French chocolatier Michel Cluizel. There are few more sublime things in our book than enjoying a freshly baked croissant that is still a little warm. We can't wait for you to try it. It's going to be life-changing. And we know where you can get a good cup of coffee to go with it, for the full effect.

You'll leave BAKE! with the Zingerman's Bakehouse croissant recipe, the knowledge to recreate it at home, a dozen croissants you made in class, and croissant dough to bake at home later.

*You may want to bring a cooler and ice pack to class with you for storing your bake-at-home croissant dough on the ride home if you are traveling more than an hour to attend. That way it will stay chilled and not begin to rise on your trip home.

What's different When you take this class Virtually: 

Please note that this is a two-day class. 

What our guests have to say about the class:

It's always good to learn as much as possible about what we eat, and homemade will taste better than store-bought. This is a great skill set to add. —Keith P.

The taste of homemade croissants in class emphasized the value of making them myself. —Amy A.

It was a lot of fun and very easy to follow for a beginner with zero baking experience. —Bob P.

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