Hurray for Challah

braided challah bread by Antonis Achilleos

This class is being offered virtually. 

A loaf rooted in age-old Jewish tradition and laden with symbolism, the challah we have come to know and love today is a braided or turban-shaped soft bread enriched with eggs, oil, and honey that was first made by Ashkenazi Jews in 15th-century Central Europe. The braiding was an adaptation from a local Teutonic solstice bread and its strands—resembling arms intertwined—came to symbolize love as well as truth, peace, creation, freedom, harmony, family connection, unity, and justice. The spiral turban shape, where there is no beginning or end, symbolizes continuity and the circularity of life. 

In this class, we will teach you to bake your own rich and soft challah bread from scratch. Together, we'll create a traditional six-stranded braid and a spiral turban studded with rum-soaked raisins. We'll demonstrate a seeded Moroccan braid, too. These gorgeous golden loaves, fresh from the oven, will be the highlight of any celebratory meal.

For more challah history, head to our blog and read: "Hurray for Holiday Challah!"

You’ll leave the BAKE! class with our recipes, the knowledge to recreate them at home, and the challah bread you made in class.

* Please note, we’ll be showing you how to make three different types of challah. Depending on how much challah dough you want to make, you’ll have the option of making one, two, or all three loaves in class, just make sure to have the right amount of ingredients ready. We’ll provide recipes for single, double, and triple batches of challah dough, depending on what you decide to make.


What our guests have to say about this class:

So informative! Everything was explained thoroughly and in beginner language. I learned much more about bread baking in general, that will help. Can't wait to implement this new knowledge at home. —Julie W.

It exceeded my expectations! Super fun and informative and we got to eat so much challah! —Genesis V.

Truly a class! Informative, hands-on, fun, and so much packed in. True Zing value. It felt good to bake here. Thank you! —Jeff M.

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