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In spite of its name, Boston Cream pie is actually a layer cake. It also happens to be the official dessert of the state of Massachusetts. Like many American foods, there is a storied history along with a debated controversy about where to award credit for creating the original version. Some say this divine dessert was created in the 1800s for the opening of the Parker House hotel in Boston, MA. They are also famous for their Parker House rolls. Score a double food claim-to-fame for this historic dining room! However, others say it did not appear on the menu until the 1950s. The modern day version of Boston Cream Pie from the Omni Parker House hotel actually includes rum in the pastry cream, a poured fondant on top, and sliced almonds around the sides. Some records indicate that Boston Cream Cakes were actually cream puffs originally. Of course, we can't forget the Boston Cream doughnut you can also find everywhere. Funny how foods deliciously evolve over time.

Zingerman's Bakehouse Boston Cream Pie is comprised of two layers of moist vanilla chiffon cake (a light sponge cake made with meringue), filled with vanilla bean pastry cream, covered in thin layer of vanilla buttercream, and glazed in rich dark chocolate ganache. Take one bite to taste it, and you'll know why it has a whole state so devoted to it. (Like all our cakes please enjoy responsibly, at room temperature, for maximum flavor and ideal texture.) It's been a wildly popular addition to the cake menu at Zingerman's Bakehouse, having never gone “on vacation” since its debut. It must be good, if we do say so ourselves.

In this class, you'll learn to make all four components of our Boston Cream Pie from scratch and assemble them. First, you will watch our expert instructor demonstrate the recipes and techniques before your eyes, and then you will try your hand at them. You’ll fold together the fluffy vanilla chiffon cake batter, whisk real vanilla beans into your carefully cooked pastry cream, whip a voluminous egg white meringue for the vanilla Swiss buttercream, and melt dark chocolate to stir into your rich ganache. Put them all together, and you have one heck of a dessert that will be a welcome addition to family dinners, birthdays, and holidays.

But that's not all these recipes are great for. These are versatile dessert components and touchstone baking techniques that will prove useful for creating other desserts at home. Just think: chiffon cake for trifles and tortes, pastry cream for fruit tarts and cream puffs (or, we say just grab a spoon!), buttercream for birthday cakes, and chocolate ganache for stuffing cupcakes or making truffles (or anything that needs a bold chocolate boost). The tasty possibilities are endless. And you are well on your way to being a master of making desserts.

You'll go home with Zingerman's Bakehouse Boston Cream Pie recipes, the knowledge to recreate them at home, a finished 9-inch Boston Cream Pie, and great coupons.

What's Different When You Take This Class Virtually:

Nothing! You will need a stand mixer with a whip attachment for this class. 

What our guests have to say about this class:

Looking forward to expanding my skills and using components of the class in other desserts. —Denise A.

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